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  • Aura Cleansing: Banish Negative Energies and Embrace Positivity

    In our daily interactions, we often encounter negative energies that can contaminate our aura and affect our overall well-being. Discover the importance of regular auric cleansing and how it can help you maintain positive energies for a happier life. Understanding Negative Energies and Their Effects Negative energies can have profound effects on our mental, emotional, and physical state. Learn to recognize the signs of negativity, such as bad luck, negative feelings, anxiety, and changes in character traits. Methods of Auric Cleansing Unlock the power of sea salt and nutmeg as potent tools for aura cleansing. Follow our step-by-step instructions to prepare a cleansing bath that will help you remove negative energies from your body and surroundings. Get sea salt, the flakes, about 1 tablespoonful Get Nutmeg powder about 1 tablespoonful You have to put the nutmeg and salt in your bath water, and then pray the almighty Lord should remove all negative energies from your body system, anyone who thinks negatively about you let their power be destroyed and wash away any energy that obstructs your progress, continue to pray and say your wish. Psalm 51, Psalm 108, and Psalm 1 Psalm 91, Psalm 119:17-24 Combine this ritual with the power of prayer, using specific psalms to reinforce positive energy. Observing Positive Changes As you make auric cleansing a regular practice, you will notice significant positive changes in your life. Experience a newfound sense of peace, clarity, and resilience, as negativity dissipates and positivity prevails. Incorporate auric cleansing into your routine and witness the transformative power it brings. Embrace positivity, remove obstacles, and unlock a new level of well-being through the practice of aura cleansing.


    Tomorrow the Sun will rise, and it will shine, and it will beam, so high then we shall also rise up from bed with hopes with the strength to see the sunshine At Sunset, everything comes to an end Everywhere becomes dark and fear grips our soul We go to bed with questions about what we could not accomplish In the darkness of the night, when the Moon takes control of the shadows We are never sure of the next morning, we always wish, we wish because we fear the shadows, the shadows of our being we fear because we harbor hate in our hearts, we fear because we think negatively in our minds and forget the fact that tomorrow the Sun will rise with fresh hopes The Moon makes us think that Saturn with his scythe will come and take our souls away in the shadow of the night but the Moon presents our own shadows to us then we begin to fear and think that the devil has come to end our life yet it is our own shadows we created, that give us a reflex action The refreshment and confidence enshrined in tomorrow are immense But it takes love, it takes courage, it takes magnanimity To know that tomorrow the Sun will rise and our hearts and soul will beam again with sunlight, then we open the way to the grace of God, then we realize the grace abounds sufficiently for us Let our day be full of positive activities Let our day be full of fun And when we share a bit of our hopes When we love with our heart When we show smiles and laughter to others We shall have no guilt, no regret, and no grief And we shall rest assured that tomorrow the sun will rise The sun always rises with hopes, fresh opportunities, fresh ideas The sun always rises with love, confidence, to tell us that we are not alone that there is always hope that beacon us on that the Sunbeam is our comforter When we go to bed we feel so tired from the hustle and bustle of the day Yet we always know that we shall have rejuvenation We know that the sun never leaves us alone Even in the shadow of the moon night We always rest assured that tomorrow the sun will rise And our souls will gather new and fresh hopes The hopes and fears are all in our mind and once we create the positive mind and once we create love in our heart and once we share life with others we shall know that tomorrow the sun will rise.


    COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS AND NAME THEM ONE BY ONE It is a time of joy and, soon it will be Christmas and it is good that you light up your Christmas Spirit and its only divine that you tell another person how much you love him or her, how much you care and this is a time to count your blessings that God showered on you in 2022. During this holiday season we feel elated and we also feel renewed hope that next year will be better than the year that is passing, we resolve with renewed faith in the divinity of God Almighty. The year 2022 did lots to make you happy, to bring you fortunes and are you going to sit down not to share your happiness or share your blessings. It is time to rejoice and not to harbor grudges in your heart, this is a time you throw all negatives away and begin a new life of love and care. Learn to appreciate one another and not undermine or jealous one another. As you count your blessing remember also to share gifts no matter how small it may be it will tell part of the Christmas story, and it can lift that person’s spirit. No matter what is going on you must know that God loves you and have a definite plan for you, and if God loves you then you must also love someone. Christmas is all about gift sharing, festival of the new born king which brings a lot of joy and happiness to the world. A period of love, joy and renewed faith in God, renewed resolution to manifest the Christ spirit in yourself and become a light bearer and a source of comfort and peace in people. While we approach Christmas let us all count our blessings and name them one by one.


    A TIME OF STOCK TAKING & A TIME OF NEW RESOLUTIONS The Winter Solstice is a significant period in many cultures and has been celebrated by festivals and rituals of various forms; it indeed marks the death and birth of the Sun. And the gradual waning of the daylight is reversed whereby in winter the night hours are longer then the day. This Solstice is celebrated on either 21st or 22nd December every year, mystically this is a new beginning, a time to plan for the coming year, a time to take stock of how far life has been. Indeed a reflective time of how we developed in the past year and where we go from here. These reflections must be an honest on where you make a checklist of every month, every week and every day of the year the good you did, the bad you did and the overall progress you made and also the significant failures. This is a perfect retrospection to purge yourself of all the debris you were engulfed in and also to strengthen the good you achieved and resolve to do even better. While you go through this process of purging you must equally think of your blessings and name them one by one. This is a time to meditate and make a determined resolution to create a better future for yourself and for all. During this time some people cleanse their homes, do meditation and also rituals to make sure their environment is clean and a new and vibrant aura is setup for more positive life. Some burn Sage in the whole compound to drive away negative energy, some burn Cinnamon, and some use lime and salt to sprinkle in the whole environment while reciting invocation prayers


    Gardening is one of my favourite hobbies and I have become acquainted with various herbal plants and flowers which are used for healing of various diseases. I have been planting flowers like hibiscus, sunflower, periwinkle, camomile, dandelion and more. My love of flowers gives me also inner refreshment and joy and I sit by the flowers and meditate for a measure of time comfortable to me. You will need to spend time with flowers to experience the refreshment they bring. The most popular among them which is used for medicinal purposes in a large measure is the DANDELION. It is used both as herb and as a vegetable in many cultures, and Maria Treben explains in her book “health through God’s pharmacy” various ways by which you can apply the various parts of the plant as a remedy for different ailments. According to Madam Treben, 1. If a person chewed the fresh stems of the flower five to six pieces, will bring swift relief in chronic inflammation of the liver, (it’s a sharp pain felt in the region of the lower corner of the right shoulder blade). 2. A person suffering from diabetes (diabetics) should eat up to 10 stems daily. 3. Sickly people who feel constantly tired and are without energy should take a 14 day course of treatment with the fresh stems of dandelion. 4. The fresh stems of the flower can help remove gallstones, improve the flow of gastric juices, stimulates the liver and gallbladder. Maria Treben goes on to say that besides mineral salts, Dandelion contains active substances which are of value in metabolic disturbances and as a blood purifier it brings relief in gout and rheumatism. It is also successful in jaundice and disorders of the spleen, then the root if eaten raw or taken dry in the form of an infusion, purify the blood, and improve digestion. ASTROLOGICAL AFFINITY Astrologically Dandelion is ruled by the planet Jupiter and Jupiter rules the liver, arterial blood circulation, Adrenals. When afflicted it causes jaundice, palpitation hardening of the arteries, formation of adipose tissue, fatty generation of muscles, tumours and morbid growths, enlargement of the organs and waste of sugar and albumen as in diabetes and kindred diseases, blood poisoning, hyperaemia and apoplexy. In a good configuration these organs work in harmony as to prevent any of the diseases. The planet Saturn rules the gallbladder and therefore produces gallstones and uses urea to deposit uric acid in various parts of the body which in turn manifest as gout and rheumatism. Saturn makes the liver torpid and causes constipation but when Jupiter is strong in a chart gives a counter reactive action by dissolving gallstones and uric acid. At the same time it minimises the formation of gout in the system. POTENCY OF DANDELION DERIVED FROM HEALING POWERS OF JUPITER Jupiter is the ruler of Dandelion and therefore infuses the plant with the healing powers necessary to effect cure and reformation in the various parts of the body ruled by the planets, that is if the proper methods are followed. Dandelion must be taken at a propitious time of the year, month and at a particular time of the day and it be an invaluable aid in alleviating various sicknesses mentioned above. Dandelion must be taken when the Sun is in Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Also at a time when the Moon is in a watery sign or the sign Sagittarius, the flowers can be turned into juice and taken every morning and evening. Those who will give it a try will know the full import of the power of healing in DANDELION.


    Oh Mother Nature, why do you look on while your children perish? Children have become maimed, other’s one legged, some have lost two limbs, women with their babies at their backs walk with two clutches, many others have no food to sustain them, children have been butchered and massacred. Such a horrible scene. Oh Mother Nature, how long will look on while your children perish? Look at the war torn countries like Rwanda, Angola, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Consider how these orphan will feel, the mental and emotional agony of struggling for survival. Oh patrons of mankind, rise up with the rising sun of the 21st century and rescue the perishing, For your future leaders may otherwise have nothing other than to begrudge, revenge, hate, envy and destroy the surface of the world. A child who is cared for, guided and sympathized, lives to care and labor for peace and harmony for posterity. Oh noble men of this age, patrons of mankind, show the strength of your humor, rescue the lower races from dying, Mother Nature show us the way to unite, show us the way to tolerate each other, show us the way to love each other, and show us the way to share our resources equally. Protectors of mankind, rescue the perishing and care for the dying. Wrote it during the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone (1991) Sammyadjei

  • Understanding Depression: Exploring its Definition and Subconscious Roots.

    When it comes to defining depression, there are various interpretations, but the Oxford Dictionary simplifies it as an intense and prolonged sense of despondency and dejection. It often starts with self-doubt and can swiftly transform into a state of depression. From a medical perspective, depression is a mental condition characterized by profound feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, typically accompanied by a lack of energy and interest in life. In many cases, depression has its roots in a person's subconscious memory and is primarily a result of prolonged emotional distress. Surprisingly, despite its prevalence, we invest considerable time and resources in tackling this issue, especially in Western societies. In this article, we will delve into the topic step by step, gradually exploring how we can take control of our lives and prevent these negative traits from obstructing our path to a fulfilling life. Sometimes, people's expectations and impatience build up within their subconscious, hiding beneath their conscious mind. Deep-seated compulsive desires or emotions towards something may develop over time, and when those desires go unfulfilled, feelings of hopelessness arise. Some individuals feel disappointed, but what are they truly disappointed about? These states of thinking can often be illusory. Excessive anxiety needs to be managed, and accepting life's unpredictable nature can be a starting point for personal growth. We should not always believe that what we desire must be attained through force, as impatience alone can breed negativity and gradually weaken our minds. In my experience with individuals struggling with depression, I've noticed that some perceive God as having failed them, while others believe society has treated them poorly. There are even those who feel betrayed by friends or loved ones. Their inability to endure the challenges of life leads them to become moody and unable to exert themselves. Instead of solely focusing on discussing this matter, we should invest time in training individuals from childhood to develop awareness and resilience in coping with life's circumstances. By instilling a sense of purpose and teaching them skills that make them valuable contributors to society, we can prevent the rise of destructive behaviors among young people and the feeling of hopelessness among women. Many individuals experience depression due to their deep-rooted egotism, which imposes limitations on their own growth. Compulsive emotions that lie beneath the surface of their desires can develop into complexes, causing confusion in their conscious minds. Consequently, they experience a sense of failure and hopelessness, sometimes leading to giving up on life. It's crucial to recognize that life is brimming with activities that can nurture internal happiness. Every morning, we should awaken with a sense of fresh hope and envision a sunny day for ourselves and others. We must ponder how we can serve ourselves, our communities, and others, as this fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. In the next part of this series, we will explore specific activities and exercises that can help prevent depression, particularly among women and within the context of marriage. Stay tuned for valuable insights on maintaining mental well-being and building fulfilling relationships.


    As a human being you are a unique being and possess all the God giving and divine rights, no one has the right to deprive you of your divine rights as a human no matter the circumstances, you must be resilient and steadfast. You must not succumb to any threats. You must not accept any negative descriptions about you just because of your colour, we all have our individual privileges which is peculiar to our own being and personality, significantly different from others


    A hole in our heart is about how all of us feel differently about the various pain and emotional trauma we feel inside. There are many who feel rejected by loved ones, others feel discriminated against. There are others who feel abandoned by family, friends that makes them empty. Some are born to homes where no one listens to them when they try to explain what is bothering them. There is a feeling of loneliness, and sense of finding escape from rejection, molestation. There is also strange feeling that you are not welcome in a family, or group. These kind of emotions develops into depression and anxiety, such people having illusions of escape from pain some contemplating suicide, murder as a way of compensation. The world has the need to listen to everyone and treat everyone equally. The hole in our heart is very deep and vulnerable. Each one of us has a hole in some part of our heart and it gives us pain fear ,frustration and sometimes feel rejected and discriminated against, these feeling makes some to even end their life. There is a deep concern about these various emotional problems people face and in many cases it is the result of the chaos we see in the world now. There are too many rejections by people who think they are better than others and it leaves many children feel dejected, too many women are treated negatively and eventually divorced. How do we mend these holes in our heart? How do we create harmony in society such that all these circumstances will stop, well if it cannot be stopped, there is one way left and that may be the only option and that is for a person to develop inner strength. INNER STRENGTH To develop inner strength you will need to set your own goals, and site and meditate on it, tell yourself this is where u want to reach, and once you are convinced that is what you want work towards it, it might be rough at first but you must develop strong will power. You must always meditate and exert your strength. If you are able to create this inner strength, many things negative or there will be obstructions on your way but none of them can put you off your goal. You will always keep going no matter what


    It is my desire to share my thoughts, my ideas, and also to make vital information's available to all those who visit my website. There are those who also want to find meaning in our confused world and therefore have been searching for information's and positive ideas, and if you finally come face to face with my site here you will experience a Touch of Hope, hope which will serve to guide your life today and forever. You will experience awareness that will help you overcome your fears, depression, anxiety and most of all improve your life in a positive way. In this website I will be glad to share with my audience My Weekly Horoscope and the path of our Destiny which will throw more light into your personal life. It is always fun to know a bit about your own temperament, and how people perceive you (your personality). The big question is are you ready to know your Star? are you ready to know which Star group you share common interest, are you looking to know how your emotional wounds can heal? are you looking to see who your partner can be? a lovely person? caring? beautiful, etc. Well the has much more to share with you every day and every week, come, visit my website as many times as you wish and make sure you subscribe to our site.

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