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    THE CAUSE OF MANY BROKEN MARRIAGES AND THE REASON SOME WOMEN BECOME UNFAITHFUL IN THEIR MARRIAGES Human emotion or desire nature is the most difficult to keep under check and control and there are many cultures which sexual act has been taken as activity fundamental to happiness in marriage. This builds into the subconscious of both the woman and the man and therefore lack of it boils up the emotions and soon one becomes enraged. This happens in both low and high society and if the problem is not checked early enough, the result is infidelity and this usually spark major problems in marriages. This is the reason for which this solution has been presented to you so if you are someone who is experiencing this kind of problem, don't hesitate go to the market , get these ingredients and make them into the juice that will safe you and safe your marriage. Do not ask any question just follow the instructions and change your life for better and bring happiness untold to your home and family. You need the following items: 1. Cucumber, 1 piece 2. Dates, 6 pieces 3. Lime, 2 pieces 4. Ginger, small size 5. bitter cola Blend this elements nicely by adding small amount of water but no sugar. Take one glass of this juice one in the morning and one in the night and your wife will worship you. Like I always say as a man you must always do physical exercises, you need to do aerobic or Yoga asanas, and do lots of skipping. you will gain stamina that will stun both yourself and your wife and your sperm count will be at its peak. The caution here is that the object of marriage is not sex but procreation therefore both of you the couple must learn the value of the union and find some creative activities that will elevate you emotions and think less of the sexual activities. Stay blessed and make your home the way you desire it to be.


    In many circumstances when we go out we interact with many different people, in the act we get contaminated our aura mingles with others who have negative energies and we tend to draw such energies. The worse part of it is not only with one person so there is much different negative energy which has blended in this matter. Some of these energies bring us bad luck, some give us bad feeling sometimes end up developing into depression or anxiety. Sometimes too it affects our character traits making one either aggressive or timid. In other cases there are people who use their negative thought to infect others with negative energy. There are many other ways by which your Aura can be contaminated with such negative auras and there without you having any concrete knowledge of any infection you can take the precaution to cleanse your aura and establish positive energies around yourself. Auric cleansing must be a regular practice. There are many methods of auric cleansing but I will give you one or two ways. Get a nutmeg heat it slightly, but it must not burn After that recite Psalm 119:17 – 24, And Psalm 108. Now say your wish and put it on a small sachet. Where ever you go let it be in your pocket. ​


    (English name)-CLOVE BASIL ​ ​ ​MEDICINAL USES 1. Colds 7. Dysentery 2. Chest cold 8. Worms in children 3. Fever 9. Anemia 4. Headache 10. Typhoid 5. Impotence 11. Ulcer sore 6. Diarrhea 12. Stomach ache There are various ways by which you can apply this herb to solve a particular problem, in some cases you need to add one or two other herbs to make it more potent. Some times you need to boil and other times you need to grind the raw leafs and make it into concoction. Sometimes combine it with other herbs. Take your time to learn more about how to use it to solve various diseases. Boiling the leafs and living it for 15 to 30 minutes then sipping it is good for people who normally feel dizzy when they wake up and also good for cleansing the body. Grinding the leaves combining it with about 5 of black pepper and drinking is good for warming the body and anti aging, note it must not be too concentrated and so if possible strain it, that must be your own discretion ​ ​ 1. The leaves contain arginine that boosts sperm production to promote fertility and child bearing in men. 2. Consumption of scent leaves is good to cleanse the digestive system by repairing the lining membrane of the digestive tract. 3. Intake of the leaves is supportive in the combat of colitis, peptic ulcer, piles (Hemorrhoids), gastritis and constipation. 4. Scent leaves easily combat and suppress the growth of abnormal cells 5. The consumption of scent leaves guarantees respiratory health by warding off respiratory ailments such as cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, cold, catarrh and tuberculosis . 6. The leaves are abound in anti-inflammatory effect to combat swellings,body pains, arthritis and osteoporosis . 7. Regular use of scent leaves cushions the body with anti aging advantage to slow down the aging process to make one look younger. 8. The leaves have anti-pyretic property to combat fever and malaria. 9. Consumption of scent leaves lowers blood sugar content and cholesterol in the body which in effect helps the body to combat diabetes and give protection to the pancreas cells. 10. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in the scent leaves when consumed, helps the body to fight menstrual pains. The scent leaves have antiseptic and antibacterial effect to kill bacteria in the mouth to promote oral hygiene and arrest bad breath. It is therefore very useful to use the liquid extract to clean the teeth. 12.The scent leaf is fill with zinc, tannin and eugenol compound that have anti-fungal effect to combat vaginal discharges and limit the secretion of vaginal fluid . 13. The fragrance pageantry smell of scent leaves repels off mosquitoes and flies. 14.Consumption of scent leaves is a must for smokers since the leaf has the ability to eliminate and repair damage in the body caused by nicotine. 15. The chemical compounds in the scent leaves has positive effect on the brain to ward off stress. 16. The vitamin A in the scent leaves react positively to combat eye infection like conjunctivitis and other related eye problems. 17. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in the scent leaves makes it a natural agent for food preservation. 18. Intensive use of the scent leaves is good and is a natural means of combating Premature Ejaculation. 19. Scent leaves is good for treating urinary infection such as gonorrhea and vaginitis. 20. The liquid extract from the scent leaves is good for combating skin diseases like ring worm, eczema etc. 21. The scent leaves is highly recommendable for fighting postpartum disorders or discomforts. CAUTION Pregnant woman should keep off from the use of nunum (scent leaves) because the chemical compounds can trigger miscarriage.


    THE IMPORTANCE OF RECORDING YOUR CHILD'S BIRTH DATE AND TIME THE RHYTHM OF THE BODY Learned Mystics and Spiritual Astrologers have noted that conception is not necessarily coincident with the physical union of the parents, and every union has a definite purpose for which it has been consummated. The Lords of destiny watch and guide humanity in their growth processes, it goes on to state that sometimes two weeks or even more elapses before fertilization takes place, ere the auspicious moment awaited by the Recording Angels or their agents strikes. At that time cosmic conditions are such that they will form a body which will facilitate the expression of the Ego seeking re-embodiment and aid it to work out its self-generated destiny. Max Heindel further reiterated it should also be remembered by students that the moment of delivery is not the time of birth from the spiritual point of view. The inhalation of the first complete breath usually accompanied by a cry is the moment when the incoming Ego receives its stellar baptism, (The actual time of birth). This renders it ever susceptible to the influence of the particular configuration of the star existing at that moment, and therefore the stars affect each individual differently from all others, not even the horoscope of twins are alike. FIRST CRY SEEING THROUGH ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY From anatomical point of view, during the time when the baby is in the mothers womb there is a passage through the left and right ventricles where blood flow occurs, but the moment the child comes out, the hole seals and that is the moment the child cries as it has been said earlier. While in the womb he or she is under the mothers control and so his blood flows in and out of the mother's womb. Before a child is born, the blood is oxygenated via the placenta, so the development of the child’s bodies while in the womb is depended on the mother’s anatomical condition, but after birth the blood is oxygenated through the child’s own heart and lungs. The baby is born into wet condition and this causes great discomfort to the newborn so he or she attempts to cry. To cry, the newborn child must breathe and this results in the first respiratory gasp. Air is sucked into the lungs with the help of the respiratory muscles. This process of air entering his or her lungs for the first time in life, start the circulation of the blood in the child’s own system. This allows the passage of oxygenated blood to go from right atrium to the left atrium. THE BLUEPRINT OF LIFE The moment of the first cry of a child’s delivery is a very significant one, being considered as the natural stamp or the blueprint from which a child owns his or her identity. This is the identity by which nature knows and identifies one as an individual. In view of these factors, every labour midwife, nurse or a doctor must be aware and take particular concern during child birth. There must be a concerted public education to record and document every child’s birth date as well as the birth time. Philosophers say that one can change many things in his or her life, but one can never change his or her date of birth, nor the place of birth because that is one's natural identity. KEYNOTE OF THE SOUL In ancient Greece, Scholars, Priests and Scientists educated the public about the necessity of time and date of birth. In the Western world today, the time and date of a child's birth is recorded accurately and throughout his or her life it remains the means of his or her major identity. Once someone's Identity card is entered into the computer his or her birth data and all the personal information open up. In this digital age and civilization, we need to adopt the best means of keeping record of every member of the community, the moment he or she is born into the (world) soil. Max Heindel (The great western Mystic) has said every human being's body emits a particular rhythm, significantly different from any other person and this makes a person unique. This rhythm creates the tone and harmony that make every organ in the system function appropriately. If at any point in time, there is a discord in a person (discord in the rhythm), then one begins to experience different types of sickness that we see. Every birth aligns with a particular star in the heavens which eventually set everybody's keynote. This keynote is what emit particular tone in the body. This tone creates the kind of image around you which others see as the “Persona”, The mask, (Personality, Aura) and from this personality, one functions under a particular temperament and behaves distinctively different from others. Max Heindel as well as other Astrologers have emphasized that when the map of the heavens at the moment of birth is ascertained, and with proper analysis of the geometrical patterns and configurations of the heavens, by a person who is well versed in the science and art of Astrology, he can tell what life is in-store for the new soul. In Ancient Greece and in Egypt as well as in the West, Great Astrologers were employed by the royal families to give counsel for the future about what is in store for them and for the nation in general. These experts guided the Kings in their planning and thinking. In Tibert and other Eastern culture, when a child is born an Astrologer is called to tell the destiny of the child in a special ceremony. References: Rosicrucian fellowship Rosicrucian Conception by Max Heindel Your child’s Horoscope by Max Heindel Simplified Scientific Astrology by Max Heindel Anatomy and Physiology by Elaeine Marieb & Katja Hoehn


    WHAT IS ITS IMPACT ON HUMAN LIFE Mercury in mythology symbolizes Hermes the Olympian god of Knowledge and he is the Messenger of the gods and significantly in Astrology it symbolizes our mind and communications and for that matter our intellect. Mercury has left the airy sign of Libra and has entered Scorpio, the sign of mysteries, and things that are hidden and secrets. While we are still contemplating on the effect of the recent Solar Eclipse, Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio offers the seeker of the truth opportunities to find deeper intellectual and spiritual understanding of the transformation we are experiencing. This Mercury transit triggers your sense of curiosity and the desire to seek for deeper truth, to find out mysteries and secrets, it also give us the ability to discover a lot more things about our lives. What will intensify this Mercury energy in Scorpio is the fact that Mars the planet of dynamic energy and action also entered Scorpio it original home, and the conjunction of Mercury and Mars propels you into action, to commit yourself to study mysteries, metaphysics, Occultism and most of all Astrology, coincidentally the Sun will enter Scorpio on the 24th which is few hours from now, so you see that we are in the moment of Scorpio, and this Mercury energy charged with the Scorpio force will be prevalent to those who were born with to fixed signs. Those who have some sort of affinity to Scorpio while the Mercury transits through this force will be privileged to transform their way of thinking, it will have a considerable influence on your mindset and also your perception about life. Perhaps those who have Scorpio Ascendant and those who have Scorpio as their Sun sign or Moon in Scorpio will begin to understand more about their psychological and emotional natures. This will result in self-awareness and deep insight into the emotions of other people too. This time also offer you the opportunity to write and explain lots of things going on around you. As Thinking of self-development must propel to start the practice of meditation, set a goal to study the metaphysics, or mysticism and still better to study astrology, to know much about yourself and to become more useful to the people in our communities and the world at large. As I said before Scorpio Mercury moment is a period that is for self-development and the ambition for spiritual seeking, the atmosphere is just ripe for stepping up your desire to grow spiritually, and so this message is to give you the inspiration and the motivation to wake up. We in the infospacetalk urge you to subscribe to this website and visit the site anytime you need inspiration and motivation, if you have anything that bothers your mind just send message to me and I will attend to your concerns.


    Unveil the cosmic secrets and Connections to a healthier, happier you. Through the Healing Power of the Stars In a world where self-discovery and holistic well-being have taken center stage, the ancient art of astrology is experiencing a resurgence. More than just a tool for predicting the future, astrology is now being recognized for its profound impact on personal wellness. At InfoSpaceTalk, we invite you on a transformative celestial journey with us. This blog will explore how the wisdom of the stars can enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health. Discover your true potential and unleash the power of your celestial journey today. Astrology and Wellness: What’s the Connection? Astrology is more than just stargazing. Its a powerful lens through which we can gain deeper insights into ourselves. By understanding the positions of celestial bodies at the time of our birth, we can unlock the secrets to our personalities, strengths, and potential weaknesses. This self-awareness forms the foundation of a holistic approach to wellness. Self-awareness and Emotional Well-Being At the core of astrology its influence on wellness is the concept of self-awareness. By analyzing the positions of celestial bodies at the time of our birth, Astrology provides a blueprint of our personalities. This self-awareness allows us to better understand our emotional responses, triggers, and behaviour patterns. This knowledge allows us to navigate life's challenges with greater emotional intelligence and resilience. Nurturing Mental Health Astrology doesn’t diagnose mental health conditions but can offer valuable insights into our thought processes and mental tendencies. For example, individuals with strong placements in analytical signs, like Virgo, may find solace in structured thinking and problem-solving. Meanwhile, those with prominent water signs like Cancer may have heightened emotional sensitivity. Understanding these tendencies can inform strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Personalized Wellness Practices Astrology allows us to tailor wellness practices to our unique astrological profiles. For instance, an Aries may benefit from energetic, high-intensity exercises that align with their fiery nature, while a Pisces may find solace in gentle yoga and meditation. Dietary choices can also be influenced by astrological signs, with some signs thriving on certain foods while others should avoid them. We can optimize physical well-being by aligning our routines with our astrological characteristics. Astrology and Mental Health The connection between astrology and mental health is profound. Our astrological signs can offer guidance on how we process emotions and navigate life challenges. By aligning our daily routines with the rhythms of the cosmos, we can achieve mental clarity and emotional balance. Astrological Signs and Well-Being The universe has an intricate way of influencing our lives, and astrology offers a unique lens through which to explore this connection. Your astrological sign, determined by the position of celestial bodies at birth, profoundly shapes your personality, strengths, and even areas of vulnerability. ● Aries (March 21 - April 19): Aries individuals are known for their fiery and energetic nature. While this vitality can be a source of inspiration, it can also lead to stress. Aries can benefit from physical activities like martial arts or running to channel their boundless energy positively. ● Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Taureans appreciate stability and comfort. They thrive in environments that offer security and routine. However, their tendency to resist change may hinder growth. Taureans can occasionally embrace new experiences and step out of their comfort zones to enhance their well-being. ● Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Geminis are social butterflies with quick minds. Their well-being is often tied to mental stimulation and variety. Engaging in activities like reading, travel, and socializing can boost their spirits. ● Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Caring and empathetic, Cancer individuals prioritize emotional well-being. Nurturing relationships and allowing themselves to feel deeply are essential for their mental health. They should also practice self-compassion. ● Leo (July 23 - August 22): Leos crave attention and recognition. While their confidence is an asset, they should ensure their well-being isn't solely dependent on external validation. Engaging in creative pursuits and self-expression can provide fulfillment. ● Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Virgos are analytical and detail-oriented. They find well-being in order and structure. However, their perfectionism can lead to stress. Mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques can help them find balance. ● Libra (September 23 - October 22): Libras value harmony and balance in their lives. They thrive when surrounded by beauty and positive relationships. To enhance well-being, they should prioritize self-care and avoid conflict. ● Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Scorpios are intense and passionate individuals. They find well-being through transformation and deep connections. However, their intensity can lead to emotional strain. Meditation and self-reflection can be beneficial. ● Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Sagittarians are adventurous and optimistic. They find well-being in exploration and learning. Engaging in outdoor activities and pursuing new knowledge can boost their spirits. ● Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Capricorns are ambitious and disciplined. They thrive when working toward long-term goals. However, their drive can lead to burnout. They should prioritize work-life balance and relaxation. ● Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Aquarians are innovative and independent. Their well-being is often tied to their sense of freedom and humanitarian pursuits. Engaging in community service and connecting with like-minded individuals can enhance their well-being. ● Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Pisceans are sensitive and empathetic. They find well-being in artistic expression and connecting with their intuition. Creativity and self-care practices are essential for their mental health. Finding Celestial Harmony In the realm of wellness and self-development, astrology is a beacon of guidance for wellness and self-discovery. It offers a unique perspective on our individual paths to wellness, reminding us that we are not isolated beings but interconnected with the universe. At InfoSpaceTalk, where astrology and wellness converge, we invite you to embark on this transformative celestial journey. By embracing the wisdom of the stars, you can illuminate your path to holistic well-being. Let the stars be your guide on this extraordinary voyage toward a healthier, happier you.


    RESCUE THE PERISHING Oh Mother Nature, why do you look on while your children perish? Children have become maimed, other’s one legged, some have lost two limbs, women with their babies at their backs walk with two clutches, many others have no food to sustain them, children have been butchered and massacred. Such a horrible scene. Oh Mother Nature, how long will look on while your children perish? Look at the war torn countries like Rwanda, Angola, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Consider how these orphan will feel, the mental and emotional agony of struggling for survival. Oh patrons of mankind, rise up with the rising sun of the 21st century and rescue the perishing, For your future leaders may otherwise have nothing other than to begrudge, revenge, hate, envy and destroy the surface of the world. A child who is cared for, guided and sympathized, lives to care and labour for peace and harmony for posterity. Oh noble men of this age, patrons of mankind, show the strength of your humor, rescue the lower races from dying, Mother Nature show us the way to unite, show us the way to tolerate each other, show us the way to love each other, and show us the way to share our resources equally. Protectors of mankind, rescue the perishing and care for the dying. Wrote it during the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone (1991) This poem is dedicated to all the children and women who are suffering and those who are killed in places like Afghanistan, Israel, Ukraine, Africa, Palestine and many other places we may not know. We also ask for prayers of world peace and blessings for all of them.


    You can be easily be engulfed in pessimistic feelings, and your aura can be inhibited by negative thinking coming from your negative subconscious feeling from your past, fear of some of your past shadows which now appear as stumbling blocks on your way. You have the tendency to think that others are out to destroy your plans and easily lose your balance. Some of your fears are so deep that it leads you to seek for spiritual help and other circumstances will cause you to abuse your spiritual knowledge. This week you can utilise your time to practice meditation, ready spiritual or inspirational literature this is a positive way to transform your negative feelings into positive ones. Week 1 (4th Sept 2023) This week several planets will change directions and it is very interesting to observe such circumstances, this tell us that our lives will change in different directions, these circumstances will happen in different areas our lives, we just have to observe the various aspects of our lives which happen to be affected and make the best possible decisions. 1. Venus turns direct on the 4th of September after six weeks of retrograde in Leo, 2. Mercury turns direct on the same day (4th September 2023) 3. Uranus now turns retrograde on the same day of the 4th September, These three planets changing direction on the same day is a very significant events in our lives. These changes will indeed affect our way of life; it will bring changes to various areas of our life activities. 4. And just when we think three planets are changes direction Jupiter also turns retrograde on the 6th September just 2 days after the dramatic changes on the 4th September. So how do all these changes affect the 12 Zodiacal signs? There is a sign of relief this week, as compared to the tensions which were in the atmosphere in the previous two weeks, As it is written that “as above so below” this week the emotional conflicts have reduced, instead there are several planets which changed directions as indicated above, and this shows that we must expect some of our ideas, projects will go through re-assessments and perhaps receive new schedules and processes. We will also have much cause to be suspicious about others, your subconscious fears will surface and you will rather examine issues logically than mere speculations, because this tends to create anxieties which normally will receive negative results. Librans must be positive and not fall into these subconscious fears and suspicions, Pisces people will also have to learn the art of positive thinking and not allow Saturn to inhibit his thought processes. JUPITER RETROGRADE IN TAURUS & IN SQUARE TO VENUS TIME TO TAKE A BREAK Jupiter and Venus frictional aspect is a thing to be careful about; the retrograde give you the opportunity to look inward, to search our soul to discover what actually makes us happy. It is actually a time for seeking spiritual growth as well as material growth, but in this instance Jupiter is in frictional aspect to Venus, and it’s a time to relax and have more social interactions, more fun fair, but should you embark on any serious project or something that needs tangible result there will be problems getting on your way, there will be frustrations and delays and perhaps loses. In this case Taureans must beware as well as Leos, Virgoans are free from this issue. SATURN IN PISCES, NEPTUNE OPPOSES MARS You can be easily be engulfed in pessimistic feelings, and your aura can be inhibited by negative thinking coming from your negative subconscious feeling from your past, fear of some of your past shadows which now appear as stumbling blocks on your way. You have the tendency to think that others are out to destroy your plans and easily lose your balance. Some of your fears are so deep that it leads you to seek for spiritual help and other circumstances will cause you to abuse your spiritual knowledge. This week you can utilise your time to practice meditation, ready spiritual or inspirational literatures, this is a positive way to transform your negative feelings into positive ones.


    As an Astrologer who has immense knowledge about human destiny and the Psychological and emotional traits we exhibits as a result of the influences of the planets and the planetary configurations on us, I have come to develop so much concern about how the zodiac affects our daily and normal lives. It is my hope that this initiative will help all who visit my website to manage their emotions and mental attitudes in their relationships and in their lives. There are people who are born with particular psychological issues which they are not aware of till in their growing ages or in their adults years, issues like OCD, depression, anxiety, phobias, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc, etc. There are others whose emotional and psychological issues come up in their early life and they have to deal with them all their lives, then we also have those who experience heightened emotions during the New moons and Full moons, these people who are vulnerable during the lunation people most of them were born during the lunation day or around the lunation period and most particularly on period of eclipses. Whatever the circumstances of your issue medical help has to be sort for and the necessary help is giving. However Astrological insight into such problems reveals deeper aspects of the conditions, it analyses the root causes of the problems and the healing solutions needed to overcome it. This is why I have taken the initiative to at least bring out some of the emotional and mental influences that are in the atmosphere every week from now. Neptune the planet of illusions and chaos is in the dreamy zodiac sign of Pisces; this Planet is close to Saturn which causes destructions. Neptune opposes Mars and Mercury, Mercury is the planet that rules the mind and therefore we will experience a wave of anxiety, hallucinations and illusions, people who are vulnerable may experience lots of lies, deceptions, The planetary configurations reflects good lucks, shared values and resources. During this period some will receive awards that will bring excitements at the same time and are frictional aspects which will trigger deepest emotions that can be devastating, when you feel depressed you must not succumb to it, try to talk to someone, and seek for social activities with people, play games and see yourself winning. There is a bit of chaos in our love lives but you will need to play your part well to have patience, accommodate other peoples faults, appreciate others views and listen to them more, open your heart to embrace love, this is a mutual reception, normally called ‘sharing’. Uranus is actually giving us the opportunity for more romantic feelings and those who really need it will go for it. FULL MOON By the full moon which occurs on Wednesday, the Moon will conjunct the planets of discipline and restrictions, the planet Saturn which says thou must fulfill your obligations in order to move forward will really influence the activities of our life this week. Negative emotions will be heightened and fear will abound in people who have not worked to establish positivity in their minds, those who have developed positive thinking will take advantage of this full-moon wave and instill further discipline in their minds and emotions. Further-more those who have consciously developed positive attitude will be inclined to share some gift and resources with others, talk about things that bother inner life and how to create healthy atmosphere around them. If at any time this week you are facing some emotional conflicts or trauma as a result of some circumstances beyond your control find someone and talk to him or her. Don’t be so critical of yourself or your short comings; it might be for a short while. Let us make others happy so that we shall also feel that same happiness If you are a Pisces born or a Virgo you must take your time to process information on things you see. You must not jump into conclusions. It will be advisable to approach every issue logically. Gemini born is also to pay attention to what they receive as information. As an Arian born you will have to watch your anger and temperament, your impatience can create lots of chaos around you, this will be as a result of your obsessive desires for recognition. Capricornians must bury their pride and learn to accept others, at the same time try to accept their lots and not to expect too much from others. You may be tempted to think that you are a superior and other must recognize that but why don’t you have patience and let the public be the judge. Cancerians, it is said your passion is very deep so this week why don’t you spend some time reading books of inspiration and devotion. This might eliminate those fears that grip your mind and eat into your heart. It is advisable to seek clarification than guessing what might have happened, build some trust especially for your partner or loved ones at the same time don not expect too much from them. Librans your home will demand your attention and it will need your protection and therefore you must show example, the ability to put family together in a more serene atmosphere. Aquarians have such a rough ride this week, the chaos and confusions at home leave your mind crazy. You are a person who is not bound by marriage and intimate relationship, or traditional societal standards; it is this need for freedom that can create instability in your relationship. Pay attention to what your partner feels and their needs, and this will prevent unnecessary emotional confrontations; let your affection create a world of peace and tranquility in your marriage or partnership. Sagittarians your social status is been restricted and the energy usurped by a more formidable force demanding a more disciplinary attitude from you, perhaps you will have to fulfill some duties and so you will need to accept your fault and not burst into unnecessary emotions that will result into confrontations or wild debates. Leos may like to go on social spree but you must watch out, if you go about lavishing friends and loved ones with gifts and other things to make them happy check your pocket or your bank account before, and check yourself from self-indulgence, this goes for the Taurean who may do this as a ways of rescuing others.

  • THE July 3rd 2023-FULL MOON WAVE

    This month’s full moon will rise on the 3rd of July at 12 noon EST at 11 degrees of Capricorn. Actually full moon is a lunar phase when the Moon appears fully illuminated from Earth perspective. Full Moons are traditionally associated with insomnia, and insanity, hence the term lunacy and lunatic and other mystical phenomena, some believe during full moon’s things which are hidden come to the surface and dreams become vivid. The full Moon is regarded as the period of completion and also the time of harvest, harvest what was planted during the New Moon, Metaphorically it is the thought that the ideas you conceived during the New Moon will begin to manifest as a concrete project or events on Full Moon. The full Moon is also a period where you recharge your aura and rebuild a strong will power to ensure that you keep going on in your self-development. During this period, some people become emotionally stirred, they become irritated at the slightest provocation, these result into petty quarrels. During this period the subconscious feelings can go wild and many emotional feelings kept under the stone can burst out and create chaos in the process. There are other phenomenon’s which happens during this period, and that is your psychic abilities may be more awake and get you into spiritual activities, like having the urge to practice meditation or joining a yoga group This week’s Full Moon is particularly unique for the fact that there is a conjunct of Venus and Mars in Leo and coincidentally Lilith (the Dark Moon) is in the same sign. This conjunction is having a frictional relationship to Uranus; this pattern usually triggers irresponsible behaviour, and stir people to self-indulgence, obsessive sensual desires. This same pattern can plunge others into dark magic and abuse of spiritual powers, Venus, Mars and Lilith in close relationship can trigger violent and obsessive sexual behaviour and flirtation with intense sexual urges. But these behaviours can result in public disgrace or clandestine activities that will be exposed. Nevertheless you can work on your emotions and desires in such a way that you will transform these intense negative energies into some positive cause, to incline your interest to voluntary service. You can join a Yoga class for meditation or something like planting flowers or better still caring for your pet. Engage yourself in a very vibrant activity. If you are the type who enjoy salt and herb bath it is propitious for you to do herb and salt bath about 3 midnights before the full moon and charge your aura with reciting Psalm 91, psalm 51 and psalm 1 and 35.


    Astrology is a Divine art and science and has the potential to reveal man to himself, to show you the way and to explain the potentials you possess. When like goes down still Astrology has the potential to explain what is actually happening. It has the potential to reveal your temperament to you and your real personality as the public see you, the knowledge of this blessed science has eluded many but those who are privileged to get in contact with it feel blessed. I have created this forum so that when you need a place to ask questions you will easily find your way here. If fear grips you you have a place to express this fears and you will find answers to this unexplainable fear, If you are beset with anxiety know that you are not alone and that in infospacetalk you will find the best of people who will hold your arms and make you smile and have hope to go on. If you, for whatever reason get depressed, know that there is place where you will get a solution to your deepest emotional conflict. There are times in the week, times in the month and times in the year where we feel strong and times we feel weak and depressed and in many of these situations the moons movement through the Zodiac tend to cause such and if we get proper explanations and counseling we shall have immense healing. You are invited to Infospacetalk to read and understand your inner natures and get natural Healing.

  • Unlocking Positive Energy: The Power of Garlic Transformation Ritual

    Garlic, whose scientific name is Allium Sativum, is closely related to Onion, Shallot, Leek, Chive, Welsh onion, etc. Garlic is mainly used for seasoning and also cooking and flavoring, but it is also used as a medicine by many traditional cultures to treat various diseases in Healing. There is one method employed to aid a person to achieve his goal. There are people who strive to achieve a meaningful life but they experience lots of obstacles, there are those who absorb negative energy and sometimes generate depression, and applying Garlic will go all the way to transform their lives. Sometimes you will see a person who looks so sickly just because he has contaminated negative energy which has gripped him and devoid him or her of dynamic energy, he is morally and emotionally broken and subconsciously he thinks he can't do any meaningful work or activity. Such people will benefit in transforming their lives from a low, moody, and sorrowful life to a more enthusiastic and buoyant lifestyle. You will need to buy Garlic and take 3 pieces Sea salt about 1/8 of a teaspoon A small amount of water You will have to put the 3 pieces of garlic in your mortar or any neat and clean object you can pound the garlic into a paste, you don't have to peel the cover, they are part of the healing portion you are making. Whiles you pound this garlic you will add the small salt and water. During the process of pounding you must concentrate on your wishes, ask God to remove any negative energy from you pave the way, and open good ways for you. Your imagination at this time must be strong and have faith that God loves you and will accept to bless your heart's desire. When the paste is smooth enough put it in a soft cloth or in a strainer and squeeze the water out, you will then use this water, and rub it on your face and heart, as you do this you must recite Psalm 51 and 35, and 91. Pray to God to bless you with Good luck; any evil curses placed on your life and your way must be destroyed and turned into fortunes. Your desire will surely come to pass. You will have to do this at midnight or before you go to bed, don't wash it away wait till it's dry and sleep in the morning you will wash it away and bathe. it will be a new day for you, a time of sunshine, so turn your life into a happy and blessed one.

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