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As an Astrologer who has immense knowledge about human destiny and the Psychological and emotional traits we exhibits as a result of the influences of the planets and the planetary configurations on us, I have come to develop so much concern about how the zodiac affects our daily and normal lives. It is my hope that this initiative will help all who visit my website to manage their emotions and mental attitudes in their relationships and in their lives.

There are people who are born with particular psychological issues which they are not aware of till in their growing ages or in their adults years, issues like OCD, depression, anxiety, phobias, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc, etc. There are others whose emotional and psychological issues come up in their early life and they have to deal with them all their lives, then we also have those who experience heightened emotions during the New moons and Full moons, these people who are vulnerable during the lunation people most of them were born during the lunation day or around the lunation period and most particularly on period of eclipses. Whatever the circumstances of your issue medical help has to be sort for and the necessary help is giving. However Astrological insight into such problems reveals deeper aspects of the conditions, it analyses the root causes of the problems and the healing solutions needed to overcome it. This is why I have taken the initiative to at least bring out some of the emotional and mental influences that are in the atmosphere every week from now.

Neptune the planet of illusions and chaos is in the dreamy zodiac sign of Pisces; this Planet is close to Saturn which causes destructions. Neptune opposes Mars and Mercury, Mercury is the planet that rules the mind and therefore we will experience a wave of anxiety, hallucinations and illusions, people who are vulnerable may experience lots of lies, deceptions, The planetary configurations reflects good lucks, shared values and resources. During this period some will receive awards that will bring excitements at the same time and are frictional aspects which will trigger deepest emotions that can be devastating, when you feel depressed you must not succumb to it, try to talk to someone, and seek for social activities with people, play games and see yourself winning. There is a bit of chaos in our love lives but you will need to play your part well to have patience, accommodate other peoples faults, appreciate others views and listen to them more, open your heart to embrace love, this is a mutual reception, normally called ‘sharing’. Uranus is actually giving us the opportunity for more romantic feelings and those who really need it will go for it.


By the full moon which occurs on Wednesday, the Moon will conjunct the planets of discipline and restrictions, the planet Saturn which says thou must fulfill your obligations in order to move forward will really influence the activities of our life this week. Negative emotions will be heightened and fear will abound in people who have not worked to establish positivity in their minds, those who have developed positive thinking will take advantage of this full-moon wave and instill further discipline in their minds and emotions.

Further-more those who have consciously developed positive attitude will be inclined to share some gift and resources with others, talk about things that bother inner life and how to create healthy atmosphere around them. If at any time this week you are facing some emotional conflicts or trauma as a result of some circumstances beyond your control find someone and talk to him or her. Don’t be so critical of yourself or your short comings; it might be for a short while. Let us make others happy so that we shall also feel that same happiness

If you are a Pisces born or a Virgo you must take your time to process information on things you see. You must not jump into conclusions. It will be advisable to approach every issue logically. Gemini born is also to pay attention to what they receive as information. As an Arian born you will have to watch your anger and temperament, your impatience can create lots of chaos around you, this will be as a result of your obsessive desires for recognition. Capricornians must bury their pride and learn to accept others, at the same time try to accept their lots and not to expect too much from others. You may be tempted to think that you are a superior and other must recognize that but why don’t you have patience and let the public be the judge.

Cancerians, it is said your passion is very deep so this week why don’t you spend some time reading books of inspiration and devotion. This might eliminate those fears that grip your mind and eat into your heart. It is advisable to seek clarification than guessing what might have happened, build some trust especially for your partner or loved ones at the same time don not expect too much from them. Librans your home will demand your attention and it will need your protection and therefore you must show example, the ability to put family together in a more serene atmosphere. Aquarians have such a rough ride this week, the chaos and confusions at home leave your mind crazy. You are a person who is not bound by marriage and intimate relationship, or traditional societal standards; it is this need for freedom that can create instability in your relationship. Pay attention to what your partner feels and their needs, and this will prevent unnecessary emotional confrontations; let your affection create a world of peace and tranquility in your marriage or partnership.

Sagittarians your social status is been restricted and the energy usurped by a more formidable force demanding a more disciplinary attitude from you, perhaps you will have to fulfill some duties and so you will need to accept your fault and not burst into unnecessary emotions that will result into confrontations or wild debates. Leos may like to go on social spree but you must watch out, if you go about lavishing friends and loved ones with gifts and other things to make them happy check your pocket or your bank account before, and check yourself from self-indulgence, this goes for the Taurean who may do this as a ways of rescuing others.

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