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New Moon in Cancer-5th July 2024


The New Moon in Cancer on June 5th, 2024, brings a focus on emotions, nurturing, and home life, particularly for those with Cancer placements or strong lunar influences. Coincidentally this New Moon falls in the fourth house of home and family and at the same time your root culture and this will bring activities of home and cultural life style into the surface. Furthermore you will have to be mindful of your emotions and misconceptions. Beware of your subconscious negative feelings. With Venus also in Cancer, emotions soar, nurturing bonds deepen, hearts explore, this makes Home and love harmonize, with peace at the core. Mercury in opposition to Pluto, nature is stirring deep thoughts at the core. Emotions run high, words cut to the bone, and Communication become intense, truths may be shown. Therefore seek balance between sensitivity and power, at the same time navigate transformations with insight hour by hour.

Here's how this New Moon may influence different signs of the Zodiac:

Aries: This New Moon encourages you to find emotional security in your home and family life. It's a good time to connect deeply with loved ones and nurture your personal space.

Taurus: Focus on communication and expressing your emotions clearly. This New Moon supports new beginnings in learning, teaching, or short trips.

Gemini: You may feel inclined to reevaluate your finances and personal values. Set intentions for stability and security in your material life.

Cancer: This New Moon is especially potent for you, marking a personal new beginning. Set intentions related to self-care, personal growth, and emotional well-being.

Leo: Reflect on your spiritual and inner life. Set intentions for healing, closure, and letting go of what no longer serves your higher purpose.

Virgo: Focus on social connections and networking. Set intentions for expanding your social circle or connecting with like-minded individuals.

Libra: This New Moon highlights career and public reputation. Set intentions for professional growth, recognition, or setting new career goals.


Scorpio: Focus on higher education, travel, or philosophical pursuits. Set intentions for expanding your horizons and broadening your perspective.

Sagittarius: This New Moon encourages you to dive deep into shared resources or intimate relationships. Set intentions for transformation and growth in these areas.

Capricorn: Focus on partnerships, both personal and professional. Set intentions for enhancing harmony, cooperation, and mutual support.

Aquarius: This New Moon highlights health, work routines, and daily habits. Set intentions for improving your well-being and creating a more balanced lifestyle.

Pisces: Focus on creativity, romance, and self-expression. Set intentions for pursuing your passions, deepening relationships, and finding joy in life.

Overall, the New Moon in Cancer invites us to nurture ourselves and our emotional connections, set intentions related to home, family, and personal well-being, and embrace opportunities for emotional growth and stability.

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