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                                                                               MESSAGE OF THE STARS
                                                         GET INSIGHT INTO THE EPOCHAL JOURNEY OF PLUTO




The world says good bye Pluto in Capricorn!

Welcome Pluto in Aquarius!

Pluto – Sun conjunction in Aquarius in our lifetime will result in acceleration of our evolutionary path

Pluto is indeed leaving Capricorn, we have been with this energy for some time and the is having distrust of the governments and business institutions and corporations (which is represented by Capricorn, most people think these institutions are rotten, out-dated and serve the secret and powerful elite and not as they want us believe that they serve the public. These institutions and their motives are now been exposed and been challenged because nothing stays forever.

This Pluto transit into Aquarius is a repetition because of planetary cycles. The last time Pluto entered Aquarius was in the 18thcentury, coincidentally the people at that time also became disillusioned with the ruling governments and institutions (Capricorn) and they became disgruntled to the extent that they brought down the corrupt system, whole monarchies, chopped off head of half the nobility (elites) French revolution started the first modern modern republics and democracies, and consequently kicked off tyrannical rulers from the land, we all remember the Americans fighting for independence.

Today we are witnessing the same kind of social changes, this energy is upon us now, we are at the threshold of dynamic changes, we are going to see magnificent changes and much more of structural changes and scientific innovations and this will happen over the next 20 years. These social changes have perhaps started already in certain part of the world. Pluto entering Aquarius is a new dawn, and a period of global shake-up where people will wake up to new realizations and scientific innovations and advancement in technology. The transits of the outer planets are nothing but cosmic shake ups, global enfoldments of human collective destiny, We experience these occurrences for the purpose of furthering the progress of civilization. Remember when Saturn and Pluto were in conjunction and how we experienced COVID 19, the period when Uranus conjunct Saturn or Neptune, the triple conjunction in the 1990s.

Most of the time these configurations form to give us a message that we must amend our ways. And change our consciousness, it tell us to fulfil or duties and obligations in other to move forward. They form to get us on our feet and to take us on the next spiral. Today Pluto has entered the airy sign of Aquarius, the sign associated with Prometheus, the one who stole the Olympian fire and gave it to humanity to free humanity. Aquarius is upon us again and this time Pluto the ruler of the underworld and the catalyst entered this sign, we must brace for the radical changes and innovations that will be unfolding. These social changes will happen for the benefits of evolutionary benefits. The key to the coming phase of our lives is honesty, activity and conscious living.

The energy of Pluto in Aquarius will be like a swift storm, it might be aggressive but it will be fast. Like the way COVID 19 which changed our cultural life style, this time our mind and mental structures will be transformed in a blink of an eye. We are about to witness things which will overwhelm the world at large. On a personal level individuals who have visions and those determined to progress will make swift progress and achievments, they will take the bull by the horn. There is nothing wrong in trying and going on adventure, remember nothing venture nothing gained.

                                                                               MESSAGE OF THE STARS
                                                         GET INSIGHT INTO THE EPOCHAL JOURNEY OF PLUTO

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