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                                                                                 MESSAGE OF THE STARS
                                                          ILLUMINATING THE PATH OF ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT


                                                  THE JULY 3RD 2023  FULL MOON WAVE

This month’s full moon will rise on the 3rd of July at 12 noon EST at 11 degrees of Capricorn. Actually full moon is a lunar phase when the Moon appears fully illuminated from Earth perspective. Full Moons are traditionally associated with insomnia, and insanity, hence the term lunacy and lunatic and other mystical phenomena, some believe during full moon’s things which are hidden come to the surface and dreams become vivid. The full Moon is regarded as the period of completion and also the time of harvest, harvest what was planted during the New Moon,

Metaphorically it is the thought that the ideas you conceived during the New Moon will begin to manifest as a concrete project or events on Full Moon. The full Moon is also a period where you recharge your aura and rebuild a strong will power to ensure that you keep going on in your sel-development. During this period, some people become emotionally stirred, they become irritated at the slightest provocation, these result into petty quarrels. During this period the subconscious feelings can go wild and many emotional feelings kept under the stone can burst out and create chaos in the process. There are other phenomenon’s which happens during this period, and that is your psychic abilities may be more awake and get you into spiritual activities, like having the urge to practice meditation or joining a yoga group

This week’s Full Moon is particularly unique for the fact that there is a conjunct of Venus and Mars in Leo and coincidentally Lilith (the Dark Moon) is in the same sign. This conjunction is having a frictional relationship to Uranus; this pattern usually triggers irresponsible behaviour, and stir people to self-indulgence, obsessive sensual desires. This same pattern can plunge others into dark magic and abuse of spiritual powers, Venus, Mars and Lilith in close relationship can trigger violent and obsessive sexual behaviour and flirtation with intense sexual urges. But these behaviours can result in public disgrace or clandestine activities that will be exposed.

Nevertheless you can work on your emotions and desires in such a way that you will transform these intense negative energies into some positive cause, to incline your interest to voluntary service. You can join a Yoga class for meditation or something like planting flowers or better still caring for your pet. Engage yourself in a very vibrant activity. If you are the type who enjoy salt and herb bath it is propitious for you to do herb and salt bath about 3 midnights before the full moon and charge your aura with reciting Psalm 91, psalm 51 and psalm 1 and 35.



Hello, hello, my friends out there! Here in infospacetalk we are telling you that there is an infinite power within every human being no matter where you come from and no matter the color of your skin. This infinite power within you is sometimes called “The intangible essence”, it is an energy that is pure and strong, you only have to believe that you have this power within you and so when all goes wrong you can fall on the power within you. Tap into this energy and you will be recharged. There is always a time for healing the hole in our heart, there is always a time to heal the wound and move on, to overcome all your fears.

The Message of Stars is a profound aspect of astrology that unveils the wisdom and guidance hidden within the celestial bodies. At InfoSpaceTalk, we delve deep into the realms of astrology to decipher and interpret these cosmic messages for your personal journey.

Through the Message of Stars, we focus on several key aspects:

  • Personalized Guidance: Discover how the unique alignment of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth shapes your personality, strengths, and challenges. Uncover the personalized message of the stars that can guide you towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

  • Life Events and Transitions: Gain clarity and understanding about major life events and transitions. Whether you're embarking on a new career, entering a relationship, or experiencing a significant change, the Message of Stars can provide insights into the cosmic forces at play and help you navigate these transitions with confidence.

  • Relationship Dynamics: Explore the dynamics of your relationships through the Message of Stars. Discover how the astrological compatibility between individuals influences the strengths, challenges, and potential growth within partnerships, friendships, and family connections.

  • Predictive Insights: The Message of Stars can offer glimpses into the future and provide predictive insights. Understand the astrological influences that may impact your life in the coming months or years, helping you make informed decisions and prepare for potential opportunities or challenges.

  • Self-Reflection and Growth: Delve into the depths of self-reflection and personal growth through the Message of Stars. Gain awareness of your inner patterns, beliefs, and desires, and discover how aligning with the cosmic energies can unlock your true potential and lead you towards self-fulfillment.

At InfoSpaceTalk, we believe that the Message of Stars holds the keys to self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Let us be your trusted guide as we unravel the profound insights that astrology offers, illuminating your path with celestial wisdom and guiding you towards a life of purpose, harmony, and fulfillment.


Astrology is a Divine art and science and has the potential to reveal man to himself, to show you the way and to explain the potentials you possess. When like goes down still Astrology has the potential to explain what is actually happening. It has the potential to reveal your temperament to you and your real personality as the public see you, the knowledge of this blessed science has eluded many but those who are privileged to get in contact with it feel blessed. I have created this forum so that when you need a place to ask questions you will easily find your way here. If fear grips you you have a place to express this fears and you will find answers to this unexplainable fear, If you are beset with anxiety know that you are not alone and that in infospacetalk you will find the best of people who will hold your arms and make you smile and have hope to go on. If you, for whatever reason get depressed, know that there is place where you will get a solution to your deepest emotional conflict. There are times in the week, times in the month and times in the year where we feel strong and times we feel weak and depressed and in many of these situations the moons movement through the Zodiac tend to cause such and if we get proper explanations and counseling we shall have immense healing.

You are invited to Infospacetalk to read and understand your inner natures and get natural Healing.


Great leaders of men and psychologist have indicated that everything reside in our mind and that success or failure depends largely on the way we use our mind. Our Ego (the spirit is the commander who controls the mind and our emotions and therefore to make any success will require our Ego to be strong, it must not think of what others are thinking of him. You will need to have values which will guide your ways, the temporary failures or shame are not to stop you from growing. If you are resilient and do not accept the fear of public criticism, if you don't allow any form of intimidation to affect you, then you are on the right path for a healthy living. The Rivonia trial against Nelson Mandela was meant to make him subdued and create fear in him. And to build emotional trauma in him so that he would die long before the 27 years he spent in prison yet he detached himself from all those negative attempt on him. This he could do and resist all effort at making his spirit low because he knew and believed that there is an intagible essence in him, the infinite power residing in all men. He didn't fill his heart with sense of impatience, he didn't build negative emotional grudges in his mind he rather focused on how he could maintain his strength of mind and cheer up. This is the mark of good living.


The little people and things are the anxieties, depressions, OCD, ADHD, inferiority complexes, power complexes, narcissist. Do not let anything create such negative thing you, as human beings we are more stronger than these negative elements but more often than not we allow such things to become entities in our lives and they create havoc in us..

The answers largely is in our stars, our individual stars reflects the nature of our psychological traits, the planetary configurations in the skies at the time of our birth will reflects the childhood circumstances and how we shall obsorb the consequences of the life we experience.

                                                                                 MESSAGE OF THE STARS
                                                          ILLUMINATING THE PATH OF ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT

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