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                                                                                      BAY OF HEALING
                                          UNLEASHING NATURE'S REMEDIES FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS



Welcome to the Bay of Healing, where the

                                                 power of nature's remedies awaits 

  to nurture your health and facilitate your

                                                  journey towards holistic well-being.

In Genesis 1:29, it is written, "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." This divine providence has blessed us with a vast array of plants, flowers, vegetables, seeds, and trees, all possessing remarkable medicinal properties.

At the Bay of Healing, we embrace this profound wisdom and invite you to explore the bountiful gifts of nature. Our curated collection reveals the potent healing potential hidden within the plants that surround us. From commonly used vegetables to beautiful flowers and fruits, we unveil their therapeutic properties, empowering you with the knowledge to address your human problems and promote well-being.

Within the Crystal Cave of the Bay of Healing, you will embark on a journey of discovery. Learn about the herbal remedies and healing powers of various herbs and plants, honing your understanding of their health-enhancing potential.

However, we must issue a cautionary note: If you harbor evil thoughts or intentions towards others, we advise against attempting any of the solutions presented here. True healing and the embrace of nature's gifts require a clean and pure heart. Before enjoying the benefits of these natural remedies, it is essential to cultivate a spirit of kindness, empathy, and love towards your fellow beings.

Enter the Bay of Healing with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the blessings nature has bestowed upon us. Let us embark on a journey of health, healing, and spiritual growth together, honoring the divine harmony between humanity and the natural world.





There are various  healing methods I have come to experience and are very efficient in boosting your immune system, by cleansing the digestive system and help eliminate waste matter from your body. It is a solution that is unique particularly for  people suffering from High blood pressure, Diabetes, those who are prone to stroke and those having mild stroke. This same solution is efficient for solving and preventing prostrate enlargement and equally help men to be active, and increase sperm count.

First if you are interested in your health and wellness you must learn some aerobic practices or adopt some Yoga assanas. The human body is undergoing changes all the time and as you grow you must spend some time to stretch your muscles, these training builds a better muscles, arteries and veins, it also helps digestion and your body structure, that is the way you walk and work. Finally its prevent infections and destroy infections and keep your skin fine and smooth.

1. You need 3 bulbs of red Onion

2. 3 bulbs of Garlic

3. A bottle of red wine of about 5 to 12 % alcohol

which is capable of dissolving into the garlic and onion

to gain its potency.

First you have to peel all the garlic and wash them, then you peel the onion and cut them into pieces wash them and put both the garlic and onion in a bottle with large opening and pour the wine into this bottle, close it and keep it in a cool and dark place for 7 days during which the alcoholic content will all dissolve it into a potent healing portion.

After the 7th day you are good to use it to cleanse your body system.

Take about 2 or 3 table spoonful every morning before breakfast. This portion also checks and reduce port-belly and make you a healthy person.



In many circumstances when we go out we interact with many different people, in the act we get contaminated as our aura mingles with others who have negative energies and we tend to draw such energies. The worse part of it is not only with one person, so there is much different negative energy which has blended in this matter. Some of these energies bring us bad luck, some give us bad feeling sometimes and end up developing into depression or anxiety. Sometimes too it affects our character traits making one either aggressive or timid. In other cases there are people who use their negative thought to infect others with negative energy. There are many other ways by which your Aura can be contaminated with such negative auras and there without you having any concrete knowledge of any infection you can take the precaution to cleanse your aura and establish positive energies around yourself. Auric cleansing must be a regular practice. There are many methods of auric cleansing but I will give you one or two ways.

1. The first method will use sea salt and Nutmeg.

· Get a sea salt, the flakes, about 1 table spoonful

· Get Nutmeg powder about 1 table spoonful

· Psalm 51, Psalm 108, and Psalm 1. or

· Psalm 91, Psalm 119:17-24

Salt is an earthy element and it has the property of absorbing energies in the atmosphere and if you consciously focus your mind on energizing it so that its magnetic forces becomes enough to draw such energies it will surely become potent and successful. You have to put the nutmeg and salt in your bath water, and then pray the almighty Lord should remove all negative energies from your body system, anyone who thinks negative about you let their power be destroyed and wash away any energy that obstruct your progress, continue to pray and say your wish. Do this either for 3 days or 7 days.

After this you will start to see changes in your life.




Garlic, its scientific name is Allium Sativum, it is closely related to Onion, Shallot, Leek, Chive, Welsh onion, etc. Garlic is mostly used for seasoning and also cooking and flavoring, but it is also used as a medicine by many traditional cultures to treat various diseases in Healing.

There is one method employed to aid a person to achieve his goal. There are people who strife to achieve a meaningful life but they experience lots of obstacles, there are those who absorb negative energy and sometimes generate into depression, applying Garlic will go all the way to transform their lives. Sometimes you will see a person who looks so sickly just because he has contaminated negative energy which has gripped him and devoid him or her of dynamic energy, he is morally and emotionally broken and subconsciously he think he can't do any meaningful work or activity.

Such people will benefit in transforming their lives from low, moody and sorrowful life to more enthusiastic and buoyant lifestyle.

1. You will need to buy Garlic, and take 3 pieces

2. Sea salt about 1/8 of a teaspoon

3. Small amount of water

You will have to put the 3 pieces of garlic in your mortar or any neat and clean object you can pound the garlic into paste, you don't have to peel the cover, they are part of the healing portion you are making. Whiles you pound this garlic you will add the small salt and water. During the process of pounding you must concentrate on your wishes, ask God to remove any negative energy from you pave way and open good ways for you. Your imagination at this time must be strong and have faith that God love you and will accept to bless your heart desire. When the paste is smooth enough put it in a soft clothe or in a strainer and squeeze the water out, you will then use this water, rub it on your face and heart, as you do this you must recite Psalm 51 and 35, and 91. Pray to God to bless you with Good luck and any evil or any evil curses placed on your life and your way must be destroyed and turned into fortunes. Your desire will surely come to pass.

You will have to do this at midnight or before you go to bed, don't wash it away wait till its dry and sleep in the morning you will wash it away and bath.

it will be a new day for you, a time of sunshine, and so turn your life into a happy and a blessed one.






Human emotion or desire nature is the most difficult to keep under check and control and there are many cultures which sexual act has been taken as activity fundamental to happiness in marriage. This builds into the subconscious of both the woman and the man and therefore lack of it boils up the emotions and soon one becomes enraged. This happens in both low and high society and if the problem is not checked early enough, the result is infidelity and this usually spark major problems in marriages. This is the reason for which this solution has been presented to you so if you are someone who is experiencing this kind of problem, don't hesitate go to the market , get these ingredients and make them into the juice that will safe you and safe your marriage. Do not ask any question just follow the instructions and change your life for better and bring happiness untold to your home and family.

You need the following items:

Solution 1

1. Cucumber, 1 piece

2. Dates, 6 pieces

3. Lime, 2 pieces

4. Ginger, small size

5. bitter cola, 2 pieces

Blend this elements nicely by adding small amount of water but no sugar.

Take one glass of this juice one in the morning and one in the night and your wife will worship you.

Like I always say as a man you must always do physical exercises, you need to do aerobic or Yoga asanas, and do lots of skipping. you will gain stamina that will stun both yourself and your wife and your sperm count will be at its peak.

The caution here is that the object of marriage is not sex but procreation therefore both of you the couple must learn the value of the union and find some creative activities that will elevate you emotions and think less of the sexual activities. Stay blessed and make your home the way you desire it to be.

Solution 2

  1. 1.  Aidan fruit (Prekese)

  2. 2. Garlic

Aidan mixed with garlic improves the libido for both men and women and it also enhances male erection and restore you into your original glory. There are various ways you can combine these two ingredient. You can chew the soft part of the aidan fruit with garlic or you can make a soup with chopped garlic and aidan fruit and drink this soup every other day

                                                                                      BAY OF HEALING
                                          UNLEASHING NATURE'S REMEDIES FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS


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