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Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong




Kennedy Agyapong is a politician and business tycoon. He was born on  June 16, 1960, to Francis Ohene Kofi Agyapong one of three prominent  Ghanaian judges who was abducted and murdered during the early years of  Ghana's Provisional National Defence Council. (PNDC), and Mrs. Mary  Nsiah at Assin Dompim in the Central Region of Ghana.

He attended  the Adisadel College in the Central Region of Ghana and holds a GCE  A-Level and studied at the Fordham University, New York, USA.

Kennedy  Agyapong is married to Stella Wilson Agyapong. In January 2021, the  country's media sector buzzed with news when Kennedy and his wife,  Auntie Christie renewed their marriage vows. They also celebrated their  25th marriage anniversary and her 50th birthday.


Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is a Ghanaian politician and businessman known for his involvement in Ghanaian politics and his business ventures. Born on June 16, 1960, in Assin Dompim, Ghana, Kennedy Agyapong has had a colorful and controversial career in both fields.

Early Life and Education: 

Kennedy Agyapong grew up in a modest family and attended Assin Secondary School for his high school education. He later pursued further studies in the United States, attending Fordham University in New York City.

Business Ventures: 

Kennedy Agyapong is a successful businessman with interests in various industries, including real estate, media, and import and export. He has made a name for himself as a prominent figure in Ghana's business community.

Political Career: 

Agyapong is a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a major political party in Ghana. He has represented the Assin Central constituency in the Ghanaian Parliament since 2001 and has been re-elected multiple times. During his political career, he has been a staunch advocate for his party's policies and a vocal critic of the opposition.

Controversial Statements: 

Kennedy Agyapong is known for making controversial and often inflammatory statements in the media and during his speeches in Parliament. He has been involved in several high-profile disputes with political opponents and media figures.

Media Ownership: Agyapong owns and operates various media outlets, including Oman FM and NET2 TV. His media platforms have been used to disseminate his political views and often generate controversy.

Legal Issues: Throughout his career, Kennedy Agyapong has faced legal challenges and accusations of defamation and hate speech. He has been taken to court on multiple occasions, and his statements have led to legal actions and sometimes fines.

Philanthropy: Despite his controversial image, Kennedy Agyapong has also been involved in philanthropic activities, particularly in his home constituency of Assin Central. He has initiated various community development projects and donated to charitable causes.

Kennedy Agyapong's career has been marked by a combination of success in business, controversy in politics, and a penchant for making provocative statements. His influence in Ghanaian politics and media has made him a well-known and polarizing figure in the country's public life. Please note that this information is accurate up to my last knowledge update in January 2022, and there may have been further developments in his life and career since then.

TIME OF BIRTH: 11:59am

PLACE OF BIRTH: Assin Dompim- Ghana

LONG: 1 W 3 deg

LAT: 5 N 7 deg



SUN SIGN: 25 Gemini

MOON SIGN: 29 Pisces

DATE OF BIRTH: 16th June 1960

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