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Cpt Moussa Dadis Camara

Cpt Moussa Dadis Camara



Captain Moussa Dadis Camara now known as Moïse Dadis Camara is a former Guinean army officer who served as president of the National Council for Democracy and Development of the Republic of Guinea, which took power in a political insular military on December 23, 2008 after the death of long-time president and dictator Lansana Conté.


Captain Moussa Dadis Camara is a Guinean military officer who played a significant role in the political history of Guinea.

Early Life and Military Career:

Moussa Dadis Camara was born on January 1, 1964, in Kouroussa, Guinea.He attended the Guinean Military Academy, where he received his military training. Over the years, he rose through the ranks of the Guinean military, eventually achieving the rank of captain.

Role in the 2008 Guinean Coup:

Captain Moussa Dadis Camara came to international attention in December 2008 when he led a military coup in Guinea. On December 23, 2008, he announced the ousting of President Lansana Conté, who had ruled the country for over two decades. Conté had passed away, and Camara's coup was seen as an attempt to fill the power vacuum. Camara's junta, the National Council for Democracy and Development (CNDD), assumed control of the country.

Leadership and Political Developments:

Moussa Dadis Camara took over as the de facto leader of Guinea after the coup. Initially, he promised to hold elections and transition the country to civilian rule. However, his leadership faced significant criticism, and there were allegations of human rights abuses during his regime. Camara's leadership was marked by instability, political uncertainty, and growing dissatisfaction among Guineans and the international community.

September 2009 Stadium Massacre:

One of the most notorious incidents during Camara's rule was the September 2009 massacre at a Conakry stadium. Security forces under Camara's command were accused of killing and sexually assaulting civilians who had gathered to protest his potential candidacy in the upcoming presidential election. The international community condemned the violence, and it significantly damaged Camara's reputation.

Exile and Political Legacy:

In the wake of the stadium massacre and growing international pressure, Camara left Guinea in late 2009 and went into exile in Burkina Faso. In his absence, Guinea eventually transitioned to a more democratic form of government with the election of President Alpha Condé. Moussa Dadis Camara has remained in exile since then, and there have been periodic discussions and speculations about his potential return to Guinean politics. Moussa Dadis Camara's time in power was marked by controversy and instability, with a controversial coup, allegations of human rights abuses, and a legacy that still shapes Guinean politics and history to some extent. His actions and the events during his rule continue to be a subject of scrutiny and debate in Guinea and the international community.

TIME OF BIRTH: 11:05am

PLACE OF BIRTH: Koure- Guinea Conakry

LONG: 2 E 6 deg

LAT: 13 N 3 deg


ASCENDANT: 28 Pisces

SUN SIGN: 10 Capricorn


DATE OF BIRTH: 1st January 1964

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